Spruce up for Spring!



By:  Jeff Bollinger, BHHS Fox and Roach Realtors, Hockessin, Delaware 302-999-6957

Spring is here …even though some days it still does not feel like it!

Now is a great time if you have not already started to take advantage of the warmer days to get outside (and inside) and prepare your home for the warmer months ahead.

Some of the items on this list will take only a few minutes but are worth the time and effort—not only will your home be in better shape; you can relax and appreciate the much deserved and anticipated warmer days of summer!

Inspect your roof

Your roof should be inspected for missing shingles and your gutters and downspouts checked for debris.  April showers may bring the flowers, but they also bring leaks in roofs caused by blocked gutters. 

Check your air conditioning unit

Clean or replace the air filter and check for leaks in hoses and vents.

Pressure wash the outside of your home

The longer debris, mold and mud is allowed to build up on your home, the longer it will take to remove—or it may be impossible to remove at all.  Rent a power washer from your local hardware store or invest in the purchase of one.  Clean your deck, driveway, front walkway and step, fences and outdoor furniture.

Clean the inside of your home

Spring reminds us all to clean areas that are usually neglected other times of the year.  Some of those neglected areas:

·         Dust and vacuum stair rails

·         Clean baseboards

·         Dust and clean ceiling fans and tops of cabinets

·         Clean or have someone clean carpets and upholstered furniture

·         Wash your windows—inside and out including the sills.

·         Clean dryer vent and exhaust ducts—unplug the dryer, disconnect the hose from the vent in the back and clean out lint from hose and vent using vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment.

·         Clean light fixtures.

·         Clean your refrigerator’s condenser coil—caked on dust can cause your refrigerator to overheat.

·         Wash blinds, curtains that are machine washable—send drapes to the dry cleaners.

Clean the outside of your home

·         Clean your mailbox. 

·         Clean and polish your front door’s hardware.

·         Hose down your porch, front walkway and driveway to remove any excess salt left over from all of the snow and de-icing from this winter.

·         Sweep all outside areas to clean any leaves or debris left over from the fall

·         Check your walkway, driveway and patio for any signs of cracking or lifting of stones which may have been dislodged during our deep freeze.

·         Wash your front door and garage door.  If paint has faded, consider repainting.

·         Remove glass from outside light fixtures and clean/polish.

·         Rake the lawn—but be sure the ground has dried sufficiently as raking too early can damage your lawn.

·         Tidy any garden to get ready for planting.

Other exterior maintenance

Repair cracked windows.  Putty or caulk window stripping if needed.  Clean and install screen windows and doors

Take out and clean outdoor furniture.

Clean and seal deck.  Check for signs of rotting, replace boards if needed.

Check exterior walls for missing siding—caulk joints and minor cracks.  Touch up paint.  Repair brick and mortar damage.

Also, make sure you check and replace batteries in all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.   It’s easy to remember to do this twice a year..spring and fall, if you do it when you reset your clocks and “fall back” or “spring forward”.



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