Decluttering for the New Year!


Welcome to the New Year!  Have you determined that 2015 is going to be different?  Have you resolved to eat healthier, join a gym, and spend more time with family?   But what about resolutions regarding the management of your home?  You may not be thinking about selling your home in 2015, but thinking like a potential home seller is a great way to prioritize and tackle the home improvement tasks you may have been putting off for years!


One of my resolutions in 2015 is to provide my clients with even more helpful information and advice! To start off my new weekly series of articles on home management, I have decided to begin with everyone’s favorite chore—decluttering!


One of the first things I tell prospective sellers who come to me for advice is to eliminate clutter.     Why?  Because potential buyers cannot help but view your home superficially…even if you have spent thousands of dollars on remodeling; clutter will overshadow any improvements you have made.  The average buyer may have a difficult time envisioning your home’s possibilities and while clutter does not reduce the actual value of your home in the eyes of an appraiser…it may in the eyes of a buyer.


Most people don’t like to declutter—it’s hard work. But almost all of us have something in our home, whether it is unused possessions, keepsakes, or paperwork that is weighing us down.


To help you begin, I asked the experts at Organizational Bootcamp* in West Chester, Pennsylvania for their best decluttering tips.  They suggested some easy small steps that can be accomplished in a few minutes a day.    Combined, small steps will lead to big improvements in your home that will be easier to maintain over the long-run.


Here are a few ideas to get you started!


1. Go through your closets.  Get rid of unwanted hangers, especially those wire ones you get from the dry cleaner!


2.  Head into your kitchen.  Count how many coffee cups you have accumulated.  Get rid of half by donating.  While you are there, take a look at your collection of storage containers.  If any are stained or missing lids, throw them away or recycle.


3.  Open your linen closet.  Are there any sheets, towels or wash clothes that are never used.  Throw out those that cannot be donated or use for cleaning rags.


4.  Take a look at vases you have accumulated.  You can probably survive with a few in each size and the rest can be donated.


5.  Lastly, look through your magazines, newspapers, and any other papers that are covering surfaces in your home.  Recycle or shred.


Experts say that decluttering even a few minutes per day has a positive effect on a person’s stress level.


If tackling the clutter in your home seems an insurmountable task  and you think you need the assistance of a professional; the good people at Organizational Bootcamp are offering two hours of organizational services for free!  Just let me know if you are interested!






*Organizational Bootcamp




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