Our clients say the nicest things!

Credit to your profession

We were impressed from the moment we met you.  You are truly a credit to your profession.  It’s very obvious to Stephen and I that you love what you do, and it shows in your enthusiasm and professionalism.  We could have chosen anyone to sell our home—we were lucky enough to find you!

 — Steven and Diane Fitterer

Ended up with a beautiful home

Thank you so much for helping my family in this journey to find a home. I have truly felt that you had my best interest in mind. I started off with a small hope of finding something special and at the end of this journey I ended up with a beautiful home. Your expertise, honesty, and professionalism makes you such a great Realtor.

— Miriam F.

Best agent I have encountered

Jeff and I worked together to successfully sell my home. Jeff quickly convinced me that he was absolutely committed to sell my house at the best price we could get. We received good preparation on what to expect from buyers and Jeff was invaluable when it came time to make a stand on a price. I can highly recommend Jeff Bollinger for a Real Estate Agent. I have relocated with DuPont four times, and Jeff was by far and away the best agent I have encountered.

— Gary C.

Exceeded expectations

We were completely satisfied that we were working with your organization, and more specifically, with Jeff. Jeff clearly demonstrated the knowledge and professionalism we were looking for. He was thorough and candid about the process. Jeff is a tremendous individual and real credit to his profession. He is obviously the type of committed and motivated person you want on your team. He clearly exceeded our expectations.

— Frank and Carmela C.

Great and professional agent

This is to thank you for being a great and professional agent in the sale of my house. During this very stressful and emotional time in my life, you reassured me and kept me pretty calm.

— Dottie K.

Enthusiasm, extensive knowledge and persistence

Jeff’s enthusiasm, extensive knowledge and persistence provided us with immeasurable resources. He proved to be right on target with his initial estimates of listing and sale prices.

— Robert and Gini P.

Smooth and efficient

Thank you for your smooth and efficient handling of the sale of my house. This season of the year seemed to me an unlikely time to put the house on the market, but your expertise proved otherwise.

— Sarah S.

Beyond the call of duty

I have worked with many realtors over the years but I have never worked with one who was as dedicated and as responsible as Jeff Bollinger. We had a difficult sale that was very stressful and required a lot of individual care and attention. My wife and I felt that Jeff went beyond the call of duty and weregrateful for such. He also displayed a degree of professionalism that was outstanding in a tough situation. He gave us good sound advice and counsel. Thank you for stepping up to the challenge. Since most of your business is by referrals, we would be more than happy to recommend you to our network of relatives, friends and associates.

— Charles S. Jr. M.D.

Quality person

Jeff’s knowledge of the real estate market enabled us to price the home right, while his marketing techniques resulted in a good number of meaningful showings. He was always pleasant and accommodating to us and to our family. In short, Jeff represents his profession well and I believe we benefited from his experience in the field. More importantly, however, Jeff is a quality person who has been there from start to finish.

— Jim and Yvette D.

A gentleman to be trusted

Jeff Bollinger has always been a gentleman to be trusted. He always exhibited the qualities of honesty, integrity and respect for others. Especially noted has been Jeff’s unselfish position in any situation. This man’s professional growth in the real estate business could be attributed to his leadership and careful consideration of the rights, objectives, and desires of the many clients he has so efficiently served.

— William G. O.
Retired President of Goldey Beacom College

Professionalism convinced us

Each discussion meeting with Jeff was pleasant, timely and at our convenience. As Jeff was willing to work our hours, the entire process, from original listing to final settlement, was easy. Jeff’s professionalism convinced us to allow him to truly represent us. Many times, we took Jeff’s advice and it paid off.

— Michael J. S.

Handled situations with knowledge and mastery

Many thanks for listing and selling my home. Jeff handled several situations with knowledge and excellence. He kept me informed and also my son, in New York City. Closing was difficult and he handled it with mastery.

— Mary Lou L.

One of the best

I live in Virginia. Jeff kept me informed and took care of the details, which I was not there to do. He was professional, knew his job and was pleasant to deal with. Being a former DuPonter, I have been through several real estate transactions. Thanks to your organization and Jeff, this was one of the best.

— A.R. B.

Unfailingly patient, charming and polite

Jeff always kept in touch during the time my house was on the market and often seemed to anticipate my questions before I asked them! He also responded quickly to all of my concerns and offered thorough explanations of real estate matters. Throughout it all, from our first meeting to settlement, Jeff was unfailingly patient, charming and polite.

— Cynthia W.